Rhythms of the Universe, Worlds and Words in Motion, is a multidisciplinary celebration of poetry, physics and dance. Students created original spoken-word poetry that dealt with the passion and angst of the human experience and used astrophysics imagery as metaphorical tools. An original contemporary dance piece performed by Headwaters Dance Co., a professional contemporary dance company based in Missoula, MT, followed some of the poems with the goal to provide a visual representation and interpretation of the poem previously performed.

Rhythms is the end result of an 18-month collaboration, during which students were coached and mentored in physics, poetry, and acting with the goal to empower them to write. Some of the students had some prior experience writing, but others did not. Each student evolved tremendously during those 18-months, putting their passion, commitment and energy into their creative words and the expression of those words. The resulting performances blur the lines between science and art—producing artistic creations that are heavily inspired by the most advanced science—with beautiful and moving results.

Rhythms continues in the tradition of Celebrating Einstein. We wanted to explore other ways of melding the arts and sciences in a communicable, yet transcendent way. As such, Rhythms is a testament of the innovation that results when science and art merge. Our hope is that the audience leaves not only with a new appreciation of poetry, physics and dance, but also with a new sense of how these distinct human activities can be combined to create a new experience that is larger than the sum of the parts.