Create an interactive, immersive experience in which the viewer becomes immersed in a field of stars accompanied by the visual and auditory re-creation of a black hole and the abstract equations that describe it. Through this sensory-rich experience, the viewer learns about black holes in a way that goes beyond visual simulations or descriptive words. Through somatic engagement that involves the "whole person," this installation engages mind and body, expanding the viewer's capacity to imagine and wonder.

An art installation is an artistic genre of three-dimensional works that are often site-specific and designed to transform the viewer's perception of a space. The design purpose of the Black (W)hole installation is to enhance the viewer's understanding of black holes through an aesthetic experience.

This form of science educational outreach on black holes and gravitational waves demonstrates a collaborative, interdisciplinary instructional methodology in art and science. The original team was made up of artists and scientists and it worked together to provide both scientific accuracy and imagination as a means of creating a new level of whole brain understanding.

This art and science experience is suitable for students of all ages and the general public as a whole. A more detailed and visual description of the Black (W)hole experience can be found in the media and host pages. The installation can be tailored to suit various space requirements and may be presented either independently or in conjunction with other Celebrating Einstein events.

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