Host a a multimedia theatre show that features a danced-lecture, a live interview with a renown physicist, and an original film and music performed by a live symphony orchestra. The show is divided into three acts, which we describe below. Each of them is modular and can be hosted independently.

Act 1. Danced Lecture.

This act is divided into two subparts. The first consists of a lecture, scripted by physicists, on Einstein's theory of General Relativity at a level suitable for the general public. This lecture is accompanied by dancers, who illustrate the concepts that are being described, inspired by Bohannon's TED talk. The second part consists of an abstract dance, "Epic," inspired by the collision of neutron stars and black holes, and the gravitational waves they emit. The dance choreography is such that the dancers roll and run, turn and leap beneath a luminescent aeralist who spins and swings to the space music of John Murphy.

Act 2. Live interview with a Physicist.

A live interview is conducted with a physicist, on topics ranging from Einstein’s theories to philosophical questions about the meaning of success and the role of science in our culture. The questions are freely available by contacting the organizers of the Bozeman Celebrating Einstein event.

Act 3. A Shout Across Time.

This show is an exploration of the universe Einstein revealed to all of us. Composed of a live symphony orchestra, an original score, and an innovative film, it is truly a multimedia work. The score combines symphonic instruments with real world sounds, digital audio effects, excerpts from popular recordings, and simulations of the sounds physicists have calculated gravitational waves would make if human ears could hear them. Using animation, computer simulations, and archival footage, the film is a hybrid of nonfiction genres that allows us to experience the lasting legacy of Einstein's theories related to gravity and gravitational waves.